VCJ Key Box Control System

VCJ Key Box Control System

VCJ Key Box Control System achieves both of strict authentication and operational convenience. VCJ Key Box Control System manages number of key boxes containing keys remotely from the cloud server. Web system is used for access authentication and unlock/lock of the key boxes. A user first accesses the Web system by his/her smart phone for access authentication. When verified and approved, the key box is unlocked. The user can take the key out of the key box and use it. After using the key, the user put the key back to the key box and report it to the Web system by the smart phone. Receiving the report by the smart phone, the web system locks the key box again.

  • A key box keeps a key of a house for lease on site.

  • A real estate agent does not have to deliver a real estate key by hand. No need to show up at the site.

  • Cloud services for key box access control.

  • Any smart phone is applicable (Web access & WiFi)

  • Cloud server also reports visit report of the real estate reflecting key box access record.

  • Long battery life (low power consumption)

  • Compact and solid box structure. Easy to install and difficult to remove.