Our Focus on the current technology trend

We pay a lot of attention on emerging IoT/M2M technology that contributes to create ubiquitous environment in the smart network society.

We are trying to be your best partner. We always keep watching the latest technology trend and the industry standard development. We pay our special attention on IoT/M2M technology, internet technology and integration of them.

1. IoT/M2M Technologies  (Internet of Thing, Machine to machine)

  IoT/M2M devices capture various data such as temperature, power consumption, smoke or motion detection, etc. and transmits data to application software through a network. Application software analyzes, processes the data for monitoring, reporting and/or control.

2.Wireless sensor network

  A wireless sensor network consists of many distributed sensors to monitor environmental conditions and to transmit the acquired data to application software through the network. ZigBee is a low-cost, low-power de facto standard of short-range wireless transmission applied in those sensor network.

3. Ubiquitous environment

  Flexible network accessibility by various client terminals and application programs is crucial in IoT/M2M environment. Cloud computing service accessible by anybody at anytime from anywhere is required. REST/XML is best fit technology for such system requirement.