IoT/M2M System Development Kit : MDK-Shiba

IoT/M2M System Development Kit : MDK-Shiba from Japan & Silicon Valley

A single MDK brings you a fully functional IoT/M2M system!

 – IoT/M2M Technology (machine to machine): Global trend

IoT/M2M devices capture various data such as temperature, power consumption, smoke or motion detection, etc. and transmit acquired data to application software through a network node.

Smart phones, mobile phones, PC, etc. can access the data through the network.

MDK-Shiba is a network node totally based on IoT/M2M global standard.

 – ZigBee Wireless sensor network: Global standard

ZigBee is a low-cost, low-power de facto standard in the short-range wireless transmission.

MDK-Shiba can be a powerful ZigBee gateway for various wireless sensors.

 – MDK-Shiba + various optional sensors realize various kinds of M2M systems.

 – And yet, MDK-Shiba is easy to use even for beginners.

Sample Demonstration Software is bundled with MDK-Shiba for initial function verification, evaluation as well as demonstration.

MDK-Shiba is the best choice, if you are a

 – New business developer

 – M2M researcher

 – Smart phone app. developer for business/consumer market

 – M2M educational staff

 – Early adopter trying to start brand new project with M2M

・ Windows PC & Java

  IoT/M2M software is mostly developed on PC.

  Application SW is developed in Java, industry standard programming language.

・ The best choice for researchers and development engineers:

  MDK-Shiba offers leading edge IoT/M2M application platform.

  Combination of MDK-Shiba & wide range of optional sensors will open up brand new, powerful application world, otherwise not feasible.

・ Satisfies wide range of development needs:

  One platform from prototyping to full deployment.

  MDK-Shiba is compatible with production model (iNode+) with increased reliability.

  Migration from prototyping phase to production phase is quick & smooth.

・ Global Standard Platform:

  MDK-Shiba is compliant with global technology standard.

  MDK-Shiba based M2M system is immediately salable not only to domestic market but also to global market.

・ Compact palm top size with Linux & ZigBee functionality

  iNode box : Linux board + ZigBee board

MDK-Shiba Basic Product Offering (Deliverables

 ・Zigbee light sensor: unit

 ・Zigbee iNode (Main board (CPU, memory, Jtag, etc))+ Daughter board (Zigbee)) : 1unit

 ・S/W : Linux (SD card), M2M control SW, Zigbee control SW : unit


  –  Sample coding (Smart phone & Server) for reference (Web) : Demonstration app.

  •  IoT/M2M application (Smart phone & Server) development support environment

  •  IoT/M2M application (Smart phone & Server) development user guide