Internet node product

Internet Node Product

 Compact palmtop size box

 Linux board + ZigBee board

 High performance (CPU ARM CORTEX A8 720MHZ)

 Big main memory: 256MB DDR2

  • Big auxiliary memory: 4GB Micro SD card with card connector

  • Std. OS: Angstrom Linux (M2M all-purpose Linux distribution)

  • Std. Connector: Ethernet RJ45 connector (on chip Ethernet)

  • Std. Connector: HS USB 2.0 Host and Client Port USB Type A socket

  • Std. I/O: ZigBee Short distance wireless transmission.

  • Expansion connector: Industrial Std. connector 3.3V IO, 0.1 inch pitch

  • Power: 5V DC external adapter

  • Low power consumption, energy saving design

  • Failure resistant design: Simple, fanless

  • Operational in 053 (incl. AC adapter)

<Notice on LAN set up: Port forwarding>

  • The Sanctuary cloud server uses a designated port address for GW & sensor control.

  • Local port forwarding is required for the communication between the Sanctuary cloud server and the iNode connected to the local PC.