VC Group

Valley Campus Group

Recognizing the importance of the particular geographical regions, we are based in three locations.

  • Silicon Valley, USA

  • Fujisawa ,Japan (Greater Tokyo area)

  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

We provide system integrators with key products and services in IoT/M2M area.

VCI (Valley Campus, Inc.), located in Silicon Valley, California, has a role as an antenna of all Valley Campus Group to keep an eye on the latest trend and development in the ICT technology/application of IoT/M2M.

VCJ (Valley Campus Japan, Inc.) has a role to productize the idea from VCI and to brush up the products & services.

Valley Campus Group is exploiting the East-Asia market as well as Japan.

VCV (Valley Campus Vietnam) is the first business base in the Eat-Asia besides Japan.

Vietnam is emerging country and rapidly growing market for IoT/M2M product/service sales. Due to high level expertise of Vietnamese engineers, Vietnam is a very good partner for software development. Off-shore software development service and IoT/M2M business are the major business line of VCV.

Valley Campus, Inc.

Leveraging its strategic location, VCI watches ICT technology and market trend and keep Valley Campus Group companies always informed and updated. VCI takes the leadership in product/service development planning and marketing of the products/services in M2M/IoT segment.

Expanding the business network in the area to VCJ business network, VCI is always prepared to support business development in Japan and East Asia.

Also, VCI offers internship programs for engineers and entrepreneurs to experience Silicon Valley style of corporate culture and business climate.

  • IoT/M2M

  • Internet Node

  • Wireless sensor

  • IoT/M2M System Development Platform

  • Off-shore Software Development

  • Engineer training, Intern program services


Valley Campus, Inc.


920 Saratoga Avenue Suite104, San Jose, CA 95129, USA





President, CEO

Hidemasa Iida



Valley Campus Viet Nam Corp.

VCV provides system integrators with Off-shore Software Development Service utilizing local software experts serving as a remote development resource. Various application software developments are available.

Also, VCV offers VCJ IoT/M2M products/services/solutions collaborating with local partners.

  • Off-shore Software Development Services

ERP, DB, Embedded software, Web system, Mobile Application, Games, Education, etc.

  • IoT/M2M

Internet Node, Wireless sensor, IoT/M2M System Development Platform, Off-shore Software Development, Engineer training, Intern program services


Valley Campus Viet Nam Corporation.


IT Center No1, Vo Van Ngan, Linh Chieu ward, Thu Duc Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


Hidemasa Iida


 Nguyen Minh Dat

Vice President

Shinichi Satomura