Wireless Sensor

Wireless Sensor

Various ZigBee based sensors, switches, other functional devices are available.

1. Security system

? Light sensor, Window sensor, Window glass break sensor, various gas sensor, asset tag, motion detector, alarm.

2. Power control

? Power sensor (CT type, consent type), Dimmer switch, various switches, various sockets.

3. Remote

? Remote controller switch

4. Network and adapter

? RS232C to ZigBee converter, RS485 to ZigBee converter, USB to ZigBee converter

5. HVAC management

? Humidity temperature sensor

Security system

● Wireless Light Sensor (Z311G) :

Z302G sends light intensity value to a receiver or light information display device.

● Wireless Light Sensor Switch (Z311H):

Z302H sends ON/OFF & Level control signal according to the light intensity around it to the paired lighting devices in ZigBee network to maintain light intensity within the room.

● Wireless Window Sensor (Z311A) :

When the window is opened, Z311A sends alarm message to the control center.

● Wireless Glass Break Sensor (Z311C) :

Z311C can sense any illegal door-open detection and send the alarm message to the alarm system to trigger the siren device.

● Wireless Smoke Detector (ZA02E) :

ZA02E detects the concentration of smoke in the air and send out alarm message to enrolled CIE.

Z-a02e-ZA02E Wireless Smoke Detector

● Wireless Air Pollution Detector (ZA01A) :

ZA01A can detect NH3, NO2, Ethanol (EtOH), SO2, and smoke. When the air quality goes below a specified level, ZA01A would generate the sound to alert users. ZA01A will also notify the central security unit, CIE (Control and Indicating Equipment) device, to send commands to a siren device to trigger an alarm.

s5-V2-Z-a01a-ZA01A Air Pollution Detector

● Wireless Gas Detector (ZA01B/C/D) :

ZA01 series can detect the concentration of the gas in the air and when it reaches the preset value, the detector will send out alarm .

ZA01B: Methane


ZA01D: ? LPG

Z-A01BCD-ZA01BCD ZigBee Gas Detection with Heat Sensor

● Wireless Asset Tag (Z-302E) :

Z302E is an asset tag for security based on ZigBee HA standard. It is an asset tag equipped with light and movement sensor. Z302E can be attached to goods and when the goods was moved or removed from the dark to the light, Z302E will be triggered and send alarm message to the CIE command center.

Z-302E-Z302E Wireless Asset Tag

● Infrared Motion Detector (ZB11A):

When the window is opened, Z311A sends alarm message to the control center.

Zb11a-ZB11A Infrared Motion Detector

● Infrared Occupancy Sensor (ZB11D) :

When ZB11D detects the presence of human beings or animals, it reports the message to the network

Zb11d-ZB11D Infrared Occupancy Sensor

● Alarm (Z-601A) :

Z-601A is a siren used in emergency case. As soon as it receives the alarm message from the bound devices, it will generate the alert sound.

Z-601AB-Z601A Alarm

● Wireless Siren (Z602A) :

Z602A is a siren used in emergency case. Once it receives the alarm message from the IAS CIE device, it will generate both the alert sound and the visible LED indicator.

Z-602a-Z602A Siren

● Presence Tag w/ Emergency Button (Z308) :

Z308, a wearable presence tag device for minor children/aged-care use. It is an ideal product to detect one’s presence within/out of the network coverage for safety purpose. Z308 periodically sends presence/absence report to keep a close watch on those who wear it. Z308 also works as an emergency button. When users ask for urgent assistance, simply push the button, and Z308 will send the alarm message to the command center. The Warning Device will send out alarm sound or lighting alert for immediate help.

Z-308-Z308 ZigBee Wearable Presence Tag with Emergency Button

Power Control

● Power Socket with Power Consumption Monitoring (Z809A) :

Z809A is a smart plug that allows off site remote control. Users can monitor the load current, voltage, power, and kilo-watt-hour of the appliances and determine if the device is overloaded. The reading can be reported for energy management. Z809A can be paired with remote devices carrying the functions of on/off control. The manual switch can also be used in the absence of the remote.

Z809A: US type B

Z809AF: EURO type F

Z809AG: UK type G

Z809AI: AU type I

Z-809a-Power Socket with power consumption monitoring

● Power Strip with power consumption monitoring?(Z803) :

Z803 is a 4-gang power strip with power consumption display. It performs the On/Off controlling feature for users to manage each socket independently or simultaneously. The equipped override switch button allows users to manually switch on/off each socket. Users could also wirelessly control the switch through paired soft On/Off button or paired remote controller. Power consumption of each socket can be individually monitored.

Z803B: US type B

Z803F: EURO type F

Z803G: UK type G

Z803I: AU type I

s12-V2-Z-803 Power Strip with power consumption monitoring


● Ceiling Mount Switch Unit (Z817A) :

Z817A is the consumption monitoring switch suitable for ceiling mount lighting. Turning conventional lights into ZigBee lights which can be controlled through paired ZigBee remote controllers or switches and even PC tablet. Energy consumption reading is able to be monitored with PC based software to achieve smart home functions such as scheduler, mode of operation, and scenes.

Z-817a-Z817A-Ceiling Mount Switch Unit

● Flood Sensor (Z801WLS) :

Z801WLS is a flood sensor for flood sense and reporting. It reports to a CIE.

s26-V2-Z-801TW-Z-801WLS Flood Sensor


● Local Dimmable?Switches (Z815L/M) :

Z815L/M is?local dimmable switches.

Z-815lm-Z815LM Local Dimmable Switches

● ZigBee Three Way Switcher Unit(100V) (Z-802):

Z802 is a dual channel power output. It allows user using a ZigBee enabled remote controller to wirelessly switch On/Off the load such as light switch attached to it. User is also able to control Z802 through application software.

Z-B02ABC-ZB02ABC Wall Switch Series

● Range Extender? (Z800R) :

Z800R is a dedicated network range extender. It is designed to have electrical outlet which inherent the look of its Z800 neighbor. The difference between them is that Z800R doesn’t have power consumption monitoring and doesn’t support wireless on/off control. User may use it as a simple range extender. Z800R has a manual switch to toggle the AC output to switch appliances attached.

Z-800r-Range Extender



● ZigBee Remote (Z-503) :

Z503 is a programmable multifunctional remote. It can preset scenario, turn off all devices, dimming, control power socket, control curtain, delay control, emergency button function, and arm/disarm security system. User can designate and program each key based on their needs.

Z-503-Z503 ZigBee Remote

● ZigBee Remotes?(Z501A/B/C):

Z501 is a 4-key remote. It wirelessly controls the devices bound with itself by transmitting and receiving ZigBee control signal.

Z-501ABC-Z501ABC ZigBee Remotes

● Wall Switch Series? (ZB02A/B/C):

ZB02 is wireless wall switch series. They can be paired with ZigBee lighting devices. Z-B02 comes with three types: one, two and three gang switch. ZB02 works wirelessly requires no wiring. Simply joins in the network, pair with the other On/Off devices and remote control them by toggling.

Z-B02ABC-ZB02ABC Wall Switch Series

Network and adapter

● RS485 ZigBee & Adaptor (ZL01B) :

Z-L01B is an adaptor for transfer between ZigBee network and RS-485 interface. It provides 1 RS-485 and 1 USB interface and acts as the gateway for communication between ZigBee network and RS-485.

Z-L01B-ZL01B RS485 & ZigBee Adapter

● RS232 & ZigBee ?Adaptor (ZL01A) :

Z-L01A is an adaptor for transfer between ZigBee network and RS-232 interface. It provides 1 RS-232 and 1 USB interface and acts as the gateway for communication between ZigBee network and RS-232.

Z-L01A-ZL01A RS232 & ZigBee Adapter

● USB & Wireless Adapter (ZL01E):

Z-L01E is an adaptor for transfer between ZigBee network and USB interface.

Z-l01e-ZL01E USB & ZigBee Adapter

HVAC management

● Wireless Humidity/Temperature Sensor (Z711):

The humidity/temperature sensor is used for detecting indoor and outdoor ambient and sends the data to a control center via wireless network. Z712 and Z713 are enclosed within a splash proof housing. With a solar panel charger, Z713 is a maintenance-free sensor. Z711/Z712/713 do not need any wiring for installation. It only needs 2 AA batteries to power.

Z-711%20712%20713-Z711712713 Wireless Humidity Temperature Sensor