Industry-Academia Collaboration

Outreach: Industry-Academia Collaboration, Cooperative efforts, Study group

 IoT/M2M collaboration area of VCJ

  + Study and development activities with universities, technology colleges, etc.

  + Sponsorship and cooperative activities with M2M Study Group

  + VCJ is one of foundation members of M2M Study Group

Industry-Academia Collaboration


VCJ has a strong tie with Industry and Academia Community. VCJ is actively promoting various projects with third party companies, universities and colleges. VCJ is ready to fully utilize its business network to cope with clients’ needs.

VCJ is one of the founders of M2M Study Group and has a leading role to disperse IoT/M2M knowledge and participates in various IoT/M2M enlightenment activities

M2M Study Group


Engineer training/Internship program


VCJ offers International internship program for engineers and students. Trainees can get hands-on experience of IoT/M2M in both USA and Japan.

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