Wireless end device development service: iEND

Wireless end device development service: iEND


VCJ offer IoT/M2M Wireless END Device Development Platform and accept development order of application specific sensor/device wireless interface.

Using VCJ IoT/M2M Wireless END Device Development Platform, very small, low power consumption end device will become available for your own specific needs. All parts used in the platform has enough performance and quality to be used in the reliable mass production.

iEND device can be connected with iNode, smart phone, PC, etc.

■ Wireless M2M End Device Development Platform

■ Wireless M2M End Device (Sensor Products)

■ Easy Connection with a smart phone, iNode (MDK-Shiba), PC

■ Easy migration from prototype to production device

■ Very small size, Very low power consumption

■ High Performance, High Reliability

■ Easy Custom Development of

   Application Specific devices

   Application Specific sensor devices

■ Multiple Sensor Integration into a Single End Device

■ Multiple Wireless I/F : Zigbee, Bluetooth (Tethering), WiFi

■ Easy Algorithm Porting

■ VCJ Sanctuary Service (Cloud Service) is available

■ Very small size (3cmx3cm), Very low power consumption (xxw)

■ Lithium Coin Battery

■ Wired I/F, such as Ethernet, is available upon order

■ Bare circuit boards only also available (w/o Box)

■ RS232C & RS485 can be wireless with iEND