Off-shore Software Development Service

Off-shore Software Development Service

VCJ Provides Off-shore Software Development Service in cooperation with VCV (Valley Campus Vietnam, Inc.), utilizing expertize of the high level local engineers. VCJ accepts Off-shore Software Development Service in various application field from Web, Game, to ERP business application. Thanks to good relationship between Vietnam & Japan, VCJ has good access to local resources, many sympathizers for Japan, many Japanese language education institutes, which makes it smooth to prepare efficient management & operation scheme of VCJ in order to provide Off-shore Software Development Service.

<VCJ manages overall Software Development Projects>

VCV is a group company of VCJ, not a third party company in good relationship. The key management staff members hold double responsibilities in both VCJ and VCV. The key local members have long and rich experience in business in USA and Japan. Bridge SE’s of VCJ keeps close communication with the Vietnam local engineers and manage overall process of specification decision, quality control and development schedule.

<Detail management over the local engineers skill, job assignment and schedule>

VCJ Off-shore Development service minimize Software Development project risks by good communication and management based on close cooperation between VCV & VCJ.

<Flexible bridge SE service>

Bridge SE’s are Japanese engineers as a rule. They review specification documents together with clients and clarify the detail. They have good skill of English and communicate with local project managers in Vietnam in English during the whole project period.

<The Contract is processed in Japan>

VCJ and clients go in to the contract in Japan. Governing law is Japanese law. Clients do not have to worry about many details about contracting with oversea companies.