IoT/M2M Application area

 IoT/M2M Application area

IoT/M2M technology is applied in many fields in the society and its application area is rapidly growing. The bottom line is monitoring & control technology. These days, wireless technology realty contributes to IoT/M2M system development and deployment.

Some of IoT/M2M Application area examples are as follows:

  — Monitoring & Control (Wired or Wireless)

Smart Home/Smart Office/Smart Hotel (Energy Saving)

Smart Factory/Smart Hospital/Smart Station (Energy Saving)

Smart City (Energy Saving)

Smart Energy (Energy Saving)

Medical Instrument Monitoring (Health Care)

Device Remote Monitoring (Factory Automation)

Stock management and tracking (Supply Chain Management)

Vending Machine, Warehouse, Shop

ITS (Intelligent Transport System)

Environment Remote Monitoring: Forest, Farm, Park, Ocean etc.

  Draught, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood,

Animal/Fish Remote Monitoring

   Livestock farming, Aquaculture

Internet Node Application Cases

Internet Nodes are used for remote monitoring of various devices, equipment, factories, buildings, offices, houses, stores, clinics, hospitals, farms, etc. Some application includes real time alarm/alert functions based on the monitored data, such as siren, lighting, messaging, etc.

  • Car washing machine

  • Fueling machine

  • HVAC

  • Power output

  • Humidity/temperature

  • Sun light

  • Heart rate

  • Body temperature

  • Blood pressure

  • Embedded Java

  • Robotics

  • Sensor network control

  • Shop monitoring

  • Parking lot

  • Traffic monitoring

  • Patient management

  • Entering/Leaving management

  • Stock management (Asset Tag)

  • Container management