Technical/Engineering Information

We provide various leading edge technology to satisfy your needs.

Our products and services feature the following:

  1. Wide coverage of market technology needs from IoT/M2M sensor to cloud service, smart phone application and etc.

    ・ From hardware and software to system integration

  1. IoT/M2M related new business development

    ・ Planning, prototyping, pilot system deployment

  1. Global standard technology

    ・ Embedded Java technology, OSGi framework technology

    ・ ZigBee compliant software technology (HA, SE, etc.)

    ・ ZigBee short distance wireless communication technology

  1. Gateway (Node) technology

    ・ Linux Node, Java Chip Node, Heavy duty Node

  1. Abundant ZigBee sensor product line

    ・ Various sensors/switches/devices

  1. Custom development service

    ・Wireless ZigBee END device development

  1. Public cloud engine technology

    ・XML, REST

  1. Smart phone application development

  1. Big data technology

    ・ Statistical analysis, visualization technology

    ・ Streaming big data high speed processing technology

  1. IoT/M2M security

    ・ OAuth2.0 authentication

    ・ Secure JVM technology

    ・ ZigBee short distance secure communication technology

IoT/M2M Inofrmation

Our View on the current Technology trend

Our Focus on Technology innovation.

IoT/M2M Application Examples